Seasons of life


Of seasons in Life


The seasons of my life

Knock against the windows of my soul.

Asking to be let in, with wizened years

Of movement and change.

The silence cannot drown out the sounds

Of a life – long lived

Singing and crying out about all that has transpired

And come to pass.

To let them in brings

Chaos and memories made to be real

But blurred with time and mixed emotions,

While also bringing lessons learned and

Love found.


When the days are finished and all is done

My soul will be and want to look back

On a life lived.

Through the eyes of my soul

Each season holds a lesson

Each season holds a purpose filled with and

Directed by a river of love and truth.

It will all blend into an unrecognizable

Painting I never knew I helped create.


With the coming of spring, seasons are on my mind. I usually enjoy whatever season I am in, but this past year I have found myself impatiently waiting for spring and summer. I know each season has lessons to teach, but I’m well over winter and its lessons. This poem deals with the seasons of life, it was inspired by the changing of seasons in nature.

What do the seasons inspire in you?


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