To be extraordinary



To be extraordinary


We are all made for greatness

Built with an innate possibility

To be extraordinary.


In childhood

I knew this to be true

I thought I could fly

Never doubted

How special I was,

Never doubted I would be provided for.


In childhood, I believed in hope

I had dreams

Even though life was

Not perfect,

Even though there were hardships

I still had dreams,

I still had a trust beyond what I was feeling

That things would be OK

That I was and would be great.


Somewhere along the way

I lost that,

Somewhere along the way

Doubt crept in

Faith and trust became difficult to hold on to.

My ego took over and

Drew a veil of ‘less than’ over me.

Creating the belief that

I was less than great,

That it wasn’t possible for little old me

To be great.


But what my ego doesn’t understand

Is that it is just a veil

And all I need do is lift that veil

And I am back in faith and trust.

Because no amount of

Ego-centric thinking

Can erase the Truth

With a capital T.

That I am made for greatness.

That every single human

Is made for greatness.

That just to be ourselves

Is to be extraordinary.


It’s a beautiful Sunday morning here in NJ, albeit a bit chilly for spring. Today I wanted to post this picture and then picked out a poem to go with it. I believe animals can be our greatest teachers at times because they are free from ego which can cause us humans all kinds of problems. If we can pay attention to animals and how they live constantly in the present moment and try to do that ourselves we could really learn a lot.

What do animals teach you?


4 thoughts on “To be extraordinary

  1. I have a really hard time reblogging. It makes me think that I am not quite doing what I promised everyone. But, this poem says what I try to live; it is my thought put to verse by someone else; would it be okay for me to copy it, link back to it, give you credit, and talk about it?


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