A glassy lake



A Glassy Lake


Watch the water

To learn about the wind.

A glassy lake

Tells stories of the

The breeze.

Big smooth ripples

Slowly travel cross the lake

As prompted by the wind

Wide in their migration

Till a change blows

Smaller choppy ripples

Quicker from side to side.

Baby waves,

Happy to flow

Into and out of one another.

Each ripple is the water,

The water is the ripple

But also so much more.

One becomes the other

And recedes back to itself.

Reflecting back, the mountains

Tall standing trees.

Reflecting back the stillness.

So loud it fills all of me,

To be the trees, where not one of the leaves

Blows in the wind.

Breezes so soft, they can’t disturb the trees.

A silence, and a stillness

Deeper than the earth, upturned by greedy shovels.

It takes me to a place,

Beyond my understanding, beyond my

Recognition, where all is one

And breath begins.

The meeting for all things, the space

In between.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and most likely many more times – nature heals me. In particular, water heals me, sitting near a lake or river is enough to take me away from any worries I have. This particular poem was inspired by a beautiful lake in Vermont, one of my favorite places in the world. You see all of nature is special to me, but some places have a magical quality to them, energy that is different from any other – that’s what Vermont is like for me, a magical place. It does my soul good to remember it even when I’m not there. The picture is from one of the magical lakes I love in Vermont!

Where do you find magic?


What are your thoughts?

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