Secret desire



Secret Desires


Creeping up and

Sweeping down,

The mountains whisper

Through my ears.

Each rock holding memories,

Life, a voice

Calling out to me.

Tempting me to climb

To risk it all

To come back down again.

Push my body to a place

Of pure, complete unknown.

An obsession of high risk.

An obsession existing

Mostly in my mind,

A life full of excuses

A life with little time

To pursue the love that

Flows through my very veins.

Holding on to far away dreams

By holding on to words

Reading all I can,

Soaking up the adventures of others

Till I can have one of my own.

Each story brings me back

To the desire for a different life

The freedom each climber speaks of.

Funny how so much money

People spend to climb the highest mountains

To prove something to the world

Risk their lives, to reach the top.

My desire lies in the mountain

A need to be close,

To press myself against the rock,

Feel it beneath my fingers,

My desire also lies

In the need to push my self

Feel my body working in amazing ways

To trust my body and the rock

To work together becoming one

Propelling me upward,

Forward to the summit.

It lives inside,

People don’t really see

The desire for the rock

The mountain,

Secret desire for climbing exists

Within my hands,

Fingers and my toes.

One that many don’t understand

It’s not about risking life

Or proving anything

Other than to myself.

Climbing is about trust

In yourself

The people you are with

And the rock, the universe and

Mother earth.

It’s about letting go,

In the letting go I find my strength

I find myself.


This picture is one I took during a climb up Mt Monadnock in NH. Climbing mountains and hiking is a love of mine. I have a dream of climbing Mt. Everest one day. Now it is a realistic dream eh, not so much, but I do love to climb. It’s one of those things that I don’t really get to do all that often partly because I don’t live near many mountains and I find it difficult to find time for it. But I love it none-the-less. It does feel like a secret desire because not too many people know the depths of my desire and love for the mountains. 


What do you love to do that not many people know?


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