A reminder



Just A Reminder


Maybe a reminder

To turn off the power,

Get back to what’s important.

Spend real time with loved ones,

Get creative in the kitchen

Let go of all the deadlines

The trappings of daily life.

Disconnect for a while

Enjoy the simple pleasures

Of walking on a cool crisp day,

Laughing with people you love

As you play a silly game.

Check up on people,

Provide a helping hand.

Why is it that tragedy seems

Sometimes to be the only way to

Make us all remember

What is really important.


This past weekend I was down in Seaside Heights, NJ – that’s when I took this picture. It’s amazing to see the progress that is being made, the restoration that is happening. It is also devastating to see all the destruction that happened. It brought me back to October when Sandy happened. I wrote this poem shortly after we got power back.

What was your experience of Sandy?


What are your thoughts?

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