To the edge


To the edge


Sometimes you need something to happen

A great life occurrence to knock you around,

Pushed all the way to the edge

In order to realize just how far you could go.

When you have only ever known

To hold so very tight that letting go

Seems sheer madness,

That is when you are nudged and pushed

Until out of weariness and fatigue

You let go.

In surrender to that which is beyond you,

 Your grip loosens and

You are suspended in midair

No longer fearing what will happen when you hit the ground,

Because all time has stopped and nothing

Else matters but this precise moment.

After a while you realize you aren’t

Slamming to a gruesome death,

But that you are supported and lifted

By something

You cannot see,

But you can feel

It is not of you and yet lies within.

Logically you are the least safe you’ve ever been

And yet you have never felt more safe

Or more at peace.

Without coming to the edge,

Without being pushed just beyond

You never would have found

That peace and love that lie beyond.


The interesting thing is that we actually come to many edges in our lifetimes. Over and over we are pushed, and push ourselves in ways we hadn’t to that point been pushed to before. When we can remember that there is always further to go, always more to come it can make each time less scary. To approach life with inquiry instead of fear, and trust instead of distrust it will be less tumultuous. I’m working on this…shall we say it’s definitely a work in progress. 


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