Strangers reflection



Strangers Reflection


Watching my reflection in the screen

Brings tears to my eyes.

The frustration, the sadness,

The hope, the peace.

Living behind the eyes.

It’s only just a face,

The first thing people see,

Without knowing what it really means.


The moonlight plays with my emotions

Turning everything all around.

Running trains through my mind.

It spills light onto places I thought

I’d long since left behind.

It makes tears shimmer and fall,

Diamonds rolling gently down

Naked cheeks.

I’ve forgotten what I’m doing,

Forgotten who I am,

This stranger staring back at me

Seems so unfamiliar.

Moonlight may be at fault

Shifting my reflection

Creating someone I never knew.

Showing me the possibility

Of who I just might be.


Somehow nature always has a message for me, it always brings me back to lessons I need to learn. The moonlight shining on me can remind me to take another look at who I am. The way the light shifts and changes my reflection reminds me to question and forget who I am. Forgetting can be the best way to discover the possibilities I never knew existed.


When did forgetting allow you to make room for something new?


What are your thoughts?

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