At the end of the day it’s acceptance



At the end

At the end of the day

It all boils down to this,

Awareness, acceptance.

Allowing yourself to be where you are

Allowing yourself to be who you are

To feel what you feel

Without judgment.

This is the way

To get out of your own way.

It’s the best solution,

To accept what is

Instead of wishing, hoping, worrying

About what isn’t.

To be in the present moment

Completely, wholly as it is

Will set me free.

The present moment is

An inevitable piece of human existence

You can’t live in the past or the future

No matter how hard you try

No matter how much you think

And imagine

Living behind closed eyes.

It is not possible.

When you can breathe

And accept that

A world

Brilliant beyond compare will open up

You will be free

To live exactly as you are

Flaws and all

And it will be perfect

Merely because it is.


After having a wonderful conversation with a great friend of mine, I was inspired to write this. We talked about lots of things especially the difficult things we are each dealing with. What we both realize and are working on is that accepting where we are, and what we are feeling is the key. It’s not always easy to sit with the way you are feeling and let it be, but it is the only way to loose yourself from emotions tight grasp. After this conversation a wonderfully talented woman posted about a similar idea in her post Just Like You and I knew it’s a reinforcement of what I already was feeling about needing to sit with my emotions. I love the synchronicities of life!

What happens when you accept where you are?


What are your thoughts?

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