Beginnings of Easter



Beginnings of Easter


As the sun rises

Bringing with it a new day

On this day in particular,

I am deeply reminded of new beginnings.

Easter occurs in the early weeks

Of spring time.

Together they serve as a

Reminder of renewal.

After the darkness

Of winter,

Of sadness,

Light will always come again.

Light is just as inevitable as darkness.

All things end, but all things begin as well.

This time of year,

This day brings us back to the light

Back to the love of the world.

The flowers are blooming,

The earth is awakening

Beckoning to us

To join in the process

And become even more alive.

Take a moment

And really let this feeling of

Birth, renewal and hope

Sink deep into your soul.


Happy Easter, Happy Spring, Happy Time of New Beginnings no matter what religion you are. While I’m not a very religious person, I was raised Catholic and I do still celebrate Easter. Even though I don’t agree wholeheartedly with everything the Catholic church stands for, I can relate to and understand Easter and it’s message of beginning a new. I tie Easter with spring and make it meaningful to me in my own way. This poem lets you into that a bit.

What helps you remember the beauty of renewal?


What are your thoughts?

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