Universe In Me



Universe In Me


The moon sits overhead

Among billions of stars

Reminding me how small

How insignificant I am

In the grand scheme of things.

How tiny my little body is when

I widen my mind

To ponder the great

Vastness of the universe

In which I live.

To sit under a clear night sky

To watch the stars blinking and winking

Also awakens

A yearning deep within,

A memory of a feeling

A connection to that vastness

That exists beyond

The confines of the planet earth.

I am the universe,

It exists within me,

That same star stuff

I see in the night sky

Exists within my very cells.

I am insignificant and yet

I am of the same greatness.

The wondrous open possibilities

That fill me,

The infinite quality of the universe at large,

The stars and nebulas,

The suns and planets

The galaxies and systems

That whirl and twirl and combust

Are part of me and I am separate

From them simultaneously.

I stare like a wide eyed child

In utter awe at the majesty of all

I see and all I know lies beyond. 


I was watching Cosmos with Carl Sagan the other night and was completely inspired to write this poem. It was a great documentary, I would highly recommend it. Watching it filled me with a sense of being so small and yet also part of this infinite universe. It’s quite an interesting feeling.

What helps remind you of the vastness of the universe?







Crack, I hear the sound

Look down to see

The break,

It was me.

Straight up the middle

Radiating off in every direction

Spider cracks and giant canyons

In my being,

I’ve been broken open

Cracked into a million pieces.

A soft breeze caresses my cheek,

That’s when I hear

What sounds like raindrops

Of myself falling,

All my pieces on the ground.

I shift and shape

And lose myself.

A single tear for with the cracking

A weight has slipped off

And I feel light.

Slowly I open my eyes

To see

Myself glowing

For I have been reborn

Stripped of the shell I had been

Carrying around.

I’m raw and open and new

I’m light and airy

Filled with potential and


I fell to pieces

To find myself.


Sometimes the best way to discover yourself is to see what’s left after all the rest is shed. Underneath all the layers; of fear, of who we think we are, who we think we should be, exists our true selves. Our journey is find that self, to dig through all the layers, to assist in the removal of those layers. It can be a wondrous journey.

How do you search for your true self?

To a Point



To a Point


You have to get to a point

Where you are just too tired

To keep fighting

And you need to let go,

To drop your arms

And allow the light and love to enter

Without having to push through all your fighting.

When you reach the end of your rope

When you come to the end

And just move past

To the place beyond

Of emptiness.


A vast void

Rolls out in front of me

The whole world engulfed

At my finger tips

I am standing on the edge

One toe creeping over the precipice

I’m alone

Not a soul would hear me fall

Crashing to my death.

I have no other choice,

I can’t go back

That would be a death of another kind.

My only choice is to shift each foot

Forward a bit

Until there is nothing but air beneath


I’d like to say I would leap

With a running start out into my future

But in reality

I would close my eyes

And shuffle until I flopped off.

The falling

Is agonizingly slow

And yet I’m speeding down

The pull of the earth

Guiding me to a hard ending.

I hope and trust

That I’ll fly or be caught.

I have to believe this isn’t the end

That this falling won’t last forever

And that it will only lead me

To places I’d never imagined.


There are many times in life where I get to a point where I just can’t fight anymore – the worrying, the fear becomes too much for me. It’s at that point when I can let go and trust that I will end up somewhere wonderful, usually because I feel I have no other choice. Taking that leap is incredibly scary but past experiences teach me that I will either fly or be caught, because I’ve fallen many times and I have never been completely broken – I’m still alive to tell the story.

What helps you take that leap?

Of Meditation



Of Meditation


Dream upon the wind

Send wishes to the moon

While masculine and feminine merge

Harmony abounding,

Washing over all in gentle

Waves of bliss.

Feathers coat the fingers

Transformed into another,

Shape-shifting, not of fairy tales

But for all seeking

To attain a higher plane of being.

See the world through open eyes

While leaves spin stories

For the breeze.

Secrets held by the one

With magic in her eye,

Who holds the earth

As a child to her breast.

While we discover words, we’ve never used

Learn of places in ourselves we didn’t know existed.

In silent meditation we meet with

Many wonders of patient concentration

Leave it behind, let loose

Those restricting binds

Free your body from its hold

Move with the flow.

Dance will emerge from



Meditation is so helpful to me. It is a great way for me to relax and get out of my head. Not that it always works, there are days when the chatter in my mind is too loud and overpowering for meditation. But when I can get into it, it is wonderful.

How do you enjoy meditation?

Where is Inspiration?



Where is Inspiration


Sometimes it’s there

Sometimes I have to look,

Once I key into it

It’s always easy

Just begins to flow

Petals on the river,

Flowing out through me.

A picture or a word

A phrase that just gets stuck

Rolling around my brain

Driving me crazy until I let it out.

A smell, or just a feeling,

One look, a tiny touch

A tear or a smile,

A conversation or a book

A movement or a song

All just enough

To bring creative muses

Whispering in my ear.

The muses are always there

Waiting around every corner

To inspire joy in me.

The greatest inspiration

Love, exists in all.


Inspiration is a funny thing. Some days I am so inspired and motivated and other days I find it difficult to remember what inspiration even feels like. I think of it kind of like a butterfly, the more you run after it the more it slips from your grasp, but if you calmly sit down and wait it will alight upon you.

What inspires you?

Twilight Dancing



Twilight Dancing


Sipping tea

One chilly evening.

Snuggled in a blanket

Attempting coziness in crazy times.

Gentle magic music plays.

Eyes closed…

      Dancing through wide open fields

      Grasses waving, skirt folds flowing

      Breezes catching the tale of the wind.

      Legs and arms in full emotion

      Create colors in the air

      Swinging round and up, behind and over.

      Sweetness reaching from the song 

      Through the body, aching for the dance.

      Gentle movements swaying from center,

      Tales of far-off lands,

      As hands twine around,

      Twisting, pulling, reaching

      Sweeping over earth spilling love behind.

      Each turn, casts rainbow light 

      Shimmering off in circles.

      Feet lightly brushing softest grass beneath,

      Leaping and prancing over flowers,

      Trailing stardust behind.

      Sunshine as spotlight through the trees

      As twilight twinkles through.


I love dancing, it is one of the things in my life that calms and brings me joy simultaneously. Even when I’m tired and not wanting to really dance I often escape into imaginings filled with dancing. Every song I ever hear brings images of dancing in my head. That’s just the way my brain works. 


What do you think of dance?



Edge of Change



Edge of Change


I sit on the edge

Of beginnings and endings

Wiping tears from my eyes

As pictures of memories flash through my mind

As pictures of what might be pop in my head.

Change fills me with a tender sadness

Gratitude so rich, so large it’s palpable and filling

And love for all those I’ve come to know.

The hugs goodbye are not nearly enough

To express how thankful I am for everyone.

In just an instant another year is gone

And with it all the joys, the smiles

All the tears and pain

Vanish in the blink of an eye.

Possibility replaces all that has happened,

Open space for all to come.

Still nostalgia remains,

Life remains as memories that call at times.

Life continues as an open road laid out before

Life exists as right now.

I find myself moving between all the ways

Life can be, searching for the balance



Again thanks to the beginning of spring I am reminded of beginnings and endings. The beginning of spring is the end of winter. So often these times of change comes with mixed emotions, sadness mixed with joy. One thing is for sure – change always comes. That is part of what it means to be a human being on this planet – to experience change. We can fight it or we can let go into it. It’s our choice.

How do you deal with change?