Enter Passion



Enter Passion


Enter passion,

Come dwell in my soul,

Push me to the place

Love meets existence.

Keep me with the things

I need like breath.

Don’t let me settle for

Just existing,

I want to soar.

Breathe life into my fallen wings

Drop signs pointing the way

To all my heart desires.

Pick me up when I fall,

Remind me why.

Be the reason why.

Enter passion, when I need you most.

Fill me with excitement,

Whisper hope in silent moments.

Fan the fire

Burning me to joy.  


This is about passion, about yearning for passion in life – passion for life. Passion makes things bearable and wonderful. Sometimes I forget what it feels like to be passionate about something, life happens and I get caught up and forget. But my goal is always to remember, to find what brings out my passion – what brings me joy.

What are you passionate about?


What are your thoughts?

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