Let go into joy



Let go into joy


The time filled with joy

Is one to behold

To laugh with and love

With all your might.

It’s a grand experience

To feel joy bubble up from inside

To feel such freedom and

Feel so full of light

That spinning round and round

Barefoot in the grass is the

Only proper way

To express this outpouring

Of joyful emotion.

The gratitude at finally letting go

Of all the should haves and

Have to’s

To bask in the glory

Of pure glee.

Finding moments of joy

Throughout the day,

Allowing them to fill you


Shifts your whole perspective,

Changes your world.

The things that you didn’t enjoy

That you spent so much time

Wishing away

Suddenly don’t seem nearly as bad.

They just become part of the fabric

Part of life, bearable for now

While you work on the changes.

You’ll feel so free,

A bird on the wind,

Supported and lose.

To let go into joy

Will change your life.


Just reminding myself about joy – what it feels like and how much good it can do! Also reminding myself to let go.

What brings you joy?


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