Where I am



Where I Am


“Be where you are”

Those four words

Echo through my head

Over and over.

Apparently I need to work on

Being present.

Who, what, when, where

I’m always

Thinking and going over

What’s coming next.

Who I need to see,

When I need to be there,

Where I need to go,

What I need to be doing.

Then once the work day is done

All those ‘needs’ get replaces by ‘wants.’

The mind likes to chatter

Likes to obsess and worry.

The mind doesn’t like

The present,

The present is peaceful

The present is quiet, calm.

The present involves surrender,

Letting go.

All of which frighten the mind.

But if I live my life always looking to

Tomorrow I’ll miss out on today.

“Be where you are”

Truer words haven’t been written.

I am wherever I am.

So it works against me to

Focus too much energy on what’s next

Or what’s already been.


Over and over – again and again I am reminded to  be here – be present. It’s all about acceptance and letting go of all I thought would be, of all I want to be and releasing into what is. Not always an easy thing when you wish things were different. Plus I always walk a fine line between being completely in the present while also remaining aware of the future and planning for it.

When do you find it easiest to remain in the present?


What are your thoughts?

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