Showing trust,

It isn’t just a one-time thing.

Trust is an all-time thing.

It starts with the first step

One baby step

Or a giant leap of trust,

That gets you moving,

Puts you in the direction,

But that’s not the end.

It isn’t enough

To say

Ok, I trust you…

Whatever the you is,

Whether it’s a person or the universe

Or God or Goddess or whatever name you use.

You have to really believe

And feel that trust,

And you have to

Take the first step again

Every single day.

Time to play your part in the equation

Every moment renew that

Feeling, that trust, that faith.

Being trustworthy involves the same motion

Every day you have to

Renew that trustworthiness,

Others won’t trust you

Until there is consistency.

Doesn’t mean therefore without trust

You’ll be left alone,

Universe doesn’t work that way,

It trusts in you always

Works for you always

Protects you always.

For our own good,

Our own well being

We engage in trust, because

We feel better when we are in that energy.

Trust is a lifelong goal,

Something to be worked at every moment of every day.


Trust isn’t like a breathing, it’s not something that just naturally happens. You have to work at it, and practice. Everyday you get to wake up and do it all over again. That’s the beauty and the frustration at the same time.

When are you able to trust?



6 thoughts on “Trust

  1. My learning to trust both myself and God has been an everyday thing, but it has so changed my life. Not being afraid helps me to live a great life and to fill it with activities instead of cowering at times.


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