Secrets in the Noon of Night


Secrets in the Noon of Night


In the noon of night

I find the secrets

Never told.

Hidden beyond the frozen walls

Trapped in hearts of stone,

They lie in golden pools

Swimming in the sweet nectar

Of life.

Protected from the world

By the world itself.

We thought it needed protecting

From ourselves

So we locked it far away

Deep beneath the surface

So that in our

Ignorance and fragility

We wouldn’t ruin it.

What we didn’t know

Is that it can never die,

It will never, break

To be ruined would be impossible.

We cut ourselves off

Leaving us high and dry,

Empty inside.

I reach inside tenderly

Bathe in those golden pools

Absorb the secrets

Right through my pores

Until they become a part of me.


This all started because I had the the phrase “In the noon of night” rolling around in my head for hours. It wasn’t until I sat down to write that I found out where it was taking me. This poem is about finding out secrets of life, and yet I don’t divulge them, because I can’t – I can’t put them in words. It’s more about the finding, than the understanding what they are. More about just knowing they exist.

When did you know something existed without being able to explain it or really understand it?


What are your thoughts?

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