New Birth



New Birth


I’ll own up to all of my power

Wash away each of the fears,

Scrub away any self hatred with

Every single one of my tears.

Say yes to the new day that’s dawning

Awake to the sunlight inside,

Bring forth one who’s living within me.

Nudge her and love her and give her

Plenty of room to grow.

Raise my hands in praise

Of the love within me that

Reaches out to the world.

Stretch, stand and land in my


Reach, fly and float in my


Open my eyes to my flaws

To all the beliefs that cause me pain

Accept myself wholly

Without question.


As spring is finally making an appearance here in NJ, I am filled with thoughts of birth and new beginnings. In nature, I see so many flowers going into bloom and coming to life. Everything is waking up. I feel that call within myself – to wake up, to start anew.

What does spring inspire in you?


What are your thoughts?

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