To Be Open



To Be Open


What does it mean to be open

To really open yourself up

To another person,

To family,

To the world?

It involves risk,

It means slowly

Brick by brick

Dismantling the walls

You’ve built around yourself.

Walls that were designed

To hold you up and protect you

Also keep you from really connecting

Deeply connecting with others.

I know.

I’ve got walls of my own,

They’re not impenetrable,

Nor very high,

But they are there none-the-less.

To really connect as an author

As a human to the world around me

I need to be willing to

Show what’s behind those walls.

It can be a messy business

Revealing my authentic self.

In truth, things are dark and grimy

But things are also light and lovely.

The dark and light exist side by side

Mixing, melding – part of a whole.

That’s what I am,

That’s what we all are

A combination of the best and worst

Living and breathing in human form.

To be open I have to admit

To all of it,

I have to own it,

Love it

And share it as it is.

No pretenses, no expectations

Just be, just share.


Learning to be open is a daily event. It can be a struggle, because my tendency is to keep things to myself – to protect myself from getting hurt. But without risk, without opening up, I’m going to miss out on a lot of wonderful and amazing things. So I take it day by day – minute by minute. When I can open up great, when I can’t it just gives me another opportunity to practice being open, and that’s OK too! Even just sharing my writing here is a step, a part of my willingness to open up a little every day.

What helps you open up to others?


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