Patience Fails



Patience Fails


When I have lost

All reasons left to wait.

When hope grows dim

In midnight hours.

When my story

Takes too long

To tie up all loose ends.

Patience slips away just

Like another day

Spent waiting

Watching for all the things

To change.

I’ve done all I can do

Put forth all that I can

Now I’m only waiting for the end.

How can I surrender to the waiting

While with my whole body

All I want is to race to the finish line.

The problem is I’m waiting for

The answer I want instead of

Just an answer.

So I wait,

Impatiently and patiently in turn

As days go by.


I always thought of myself as a patient person. Lately I find my patience running thin. In so many areas of my life right now I am waiting – waiting to hear about one thing or another, waiting for change. It’s not even that I haven’t taken steps, towards making things happen. The waiting is because I’ve moved, action has happened and now I sit and wait for results. But I find it to be incredibly difficult to wait!

What helps you wait?


What are your thoughts?

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