Look up at the sky

Just to wonder about time,

Wonder just how it goes by.

Where those little

Grains of sand go

As minutes march

In two opposite directions.

Time moves forward

It also moves back

Collecting memorabilia

So that we won’t forget.

Creating for tomorrow

What will be old news


So we’ll move along

The waves, searching

For the clock, the timer

To tell us when to go.

Hoping that we hear

The sound, that we will


All it tries to say.


Whenever we have visitors and they leave time comes to my mind. How we wait for them to come, then they are here and then they go. And no matter how long or short, it’s sad when they go. It makes me think of how time moves without a care for our relationship to it. Time moves slow or fast, but time doesn’t actually change, only our experience of it does. 


How do you experience time?


What are your thoughts?

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