On the Ground



On the Ground


I’m laying on the cold hard ground

Searching for what I’ve never found.

Arms and feet sprawled out in all directions

Naked legs and cheeks

Just may meet the smooth cool floor.

When I fell I didn’t make a sound,

The little cracks that splintered

Shattering me to the earth

Were silent in their breaking.

I’m excised from my being

As I’m broken on the floor.

I’m one of me and yet apart,

As lonely tears fall slowly down

Pooling all around

My face that’s flattened on the ground.

It’s lonely in my weakness

No one has heard my fall,

I’m empty and disbanded

With not a witness around.

I’ve lost all sense of time

All sense of self.

I know not who I am

Even less who I’ll become.

I’ll lay here in my waiting

Staring blankly on ahead

To see beyond the world.

I’ll wait for absolution

From each of my sins,

I’ll wait for resolution

To come lay claim to me.

Until I am rejoined

And breath begins anew,

All this is forgotten

And my mind lets go of you.


Sometimes I just need to be sad, to lay on the ground in anguish. I’ve realized that the best thing is to allow myself to feel whatever it is I’m feeling. To try and pretend otherwise or try to make it go away is the opposite of productive. So I let myself go to those dark places, when I need to. But I try to limit how long I stay. Eventually the more I try and feel what I’m feeling, the more those feelings dissipate.

What helps you feel what you’re feeling?


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