As I drive down open roads

Clouds line up ahead of me.

Light fluffy white figures

Dancing out across a blue ocean of sky.

They go on forever,

Highlighted by the sun

Shining in all its glory.

I’m immediately whisked away

To warmer days

Of relaxation and bliss,

Of no responsibilities and endless adventures

Of climbing trees

And swinging among the leaves,

Splashing in the waves

Lounging on the sand.

Simple times of joy and innocence

Flood back in my mind

Brought about by a sky of endless clouds.


I’ll keep on driving

While the feeling seeps in

Through every pore

While joy pervades my very being

Lighting and filling me up

Until I float away just another cloud among many.


Oh, how often it is the little things that lift me up and out of the doldrums. We’ve been having pretty lovely spring weather the past few days. The light fluffy clouds floating around the sky have been such great therapy for me. There is just something so fun about clouds, they are so unattached and remind me how to be unattached in a light and easy way. 

How do you feel about clouds?


What are your thoughts?

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