A Bigger Plan?



A Bigger Plan?


Maybe there’s a bigger plan

Grander than any I could imagine

Maybe the universe is gently guiding me

Towards this greater place.

While I’m kicking and screaming

I’m missing all the little hints

That my purpose

My reason,

My destiny

Is deeper than I am capable of imaging

At this time.

That maybe I don’t

To the fullest extent

Know what my best path is.

Maybe the universe, god, love, what-have-you

Knows a little more clearly

What is really best for me.

Maybe it’s because I am human

Because I am limited and

Have a limited view

That I can’t see all of what I will be,

But another source beyond

My human limitations

Can see all of it

And helps and guides me towards

My best me.

And all I do is kick and scream

Because it’s not going as I

Imagined it would and should.

I guess I need to have some faith

Find a way to trust and be grateful

For something that knows me better

Than I know myself.


I have begun to realize that maybe I don’t know completely what my best path is. That maybe there is something greater than me – that is also of me – that knows more than my limited mind. It’s all about faith, trust in something bigger. Trust that in following my heart, which is intimately tied to source, I will find my way.  This was reignited in me recently because I had a random interaction with someone who reminded me of something important I had forgotten.


What helps you stay in faith?


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