I am



I Am


I am yesterday and tomorrow

I am right now, right here


I am conflicted and at peace

I am mud puddles and rainbows

I am dancing in the sand


I am hard times

I am broken hearted

I am a million tiny pieces


I am sunshine

I am flowers waving in the wind

I am rivers flowing over rocks


I am loving and affectionate

I am a hugger

I am an emapth


I am darkness

I am light

I am the in-between


I am music

I am tears

I am angry words


I am nothing more than ordinary

I am concrete forests

I am small pieces of the sky


I am freedom

I am outside the box

I am floating with the clouds


I am the shattered homes

I am the fallen dreams

I am the lost and wandering


I am the spaces

I am the essence

I am the final destination


I am you and you are me


I always love a good I am poem! It always forces me to remember who I am, and what I’m all about. Although, it doesn’t and could never really cover all of who I am, if it did it would be an incredibly long poem. Plus it can be just plain fun to write.


Who are you?


What are your thoughts?

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