Forgotten Humanity


Forgotten Humanity

In our rush to feel safety

In our hurry

To gain

Some sense of


Over a situation that rocked us

We so quickly leave

Our morals

Forget our humanity

To spit in the faces

Of ones who made

Terrible decisions.

We join in the clamorous forces

To cheer and jeer

At the hated

The evil.

While forgetting ourselves

In the process.

We forget that the victims

The families left behind,

The wounded, the dead

Will never be the same and

Our cheering, our jeering

Won’t help at all.

We join in to feel part of it all

To feel safe once again

But we lose a piece of our humanity

Every time

We allow ourselves

To lower our standards

To perpetrate hate.

We have courts and trials

To serve justice,

Why the need for commotion

Allow the system to run

Focus instead

On a way to bring peace

A way to help

Bring more love in the world

Instead of adding more hate.

Recent events have shaken and shocked me. I am saddened by not only the horrible violent acts that have been perpetrated, but the response of so many bystanders. I understand the sense of relief however that is no cause to cheer and shout. People are still dead, this is a serious situation that deserves our quiet contemplation. I feel the need more than ever to bring more kindness and love into the world instead of adding to the hate.

How do you feel about our current events?


2 thoughts on “Forgotten Humanity

  1. Anger has a time and a place with a horrific event like the violence perpetrated in Boston. But compassion must guide the way, so that anger does not leave even more victims in its wake.


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