So he stands

Alone on an empty stage

Humble in stature

But begging to be seen

Pleading to be heard.

Looking out to the audience

Where not a soul sits,

Waiting for some judgment

For someone to notice

His standing all alone.

All that lies before him

Is the darkness of

An empty theatre.

A single light shines from


Casting him into shadow.

In silence he waits,

Searching without moving

For another to validate his existence.


None come

Alone he stands

A single solitary figure

Highlighted in the darkness by a single light.

A longing

For the world to see and accept him as he is

Alone, bared for all to see

On an vacant stage.

To be taken – loved

Without expectations

Or conditions.

The quiet fills the air

So heavy it could be touched.

Time speeds and crawls

Alternately and

Still he stands



I just couldn’t get this image of a man standing alone on a stage out of my head, so I wrote about it. I think often we all stand on our own stages alone wanting to be seen and heard and accepted. We all look to others to validate our selves and our feelings. The most important validation we can ever get is our own.


When have you felt like you were alone wanting to be heard?


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