Dancing with a Tree



Dancing with a Tree


Heavy branches

Pregnant with blossoms

So fragrant

My eyes water

From the sweetness.

This beautiful springtime scene

A backdrop

For the dance,

The graceful swaying


On the ground below.

The steadfast trunk

Becomes a player in my

Lonely dance

Of life.

Take a break

A tilted head against

The bark,

Bare feet on the ground

One lifted,

An angled leg allows

Each toe to grasp the tree,

Arms reach back and down

Weighted in the lean.

While a breeze blows

Blossoms through my hair

Landing gently on my face.

I long for the world to see

The beauty that is in me.

Yet I so often find it difficult to

See it there myself.

I question and I doubt

And wonder what will be.

Until I come back to the tree,

Underneath my fingers and

Underneath my toes.

Forget all of my thinking

And just

Let go.


I love that the weather is getting warmer here. Since it’s getting warmer, I spend so much more time outside. Which means nature inspires me tremendously! Since I love, dancing, being barefoot and trees, I couldn’t think of anything better to write than a poem combining them all!

What do you love about trees?


What are your thoughts?

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