Twilight Dancing



Twilight Dancing


Sipping tea

One chilly evening.

Snuggled in a blanket

Attempting coziness in crazy times.

Gentle magic music plays.

Eyes closed…

      Dancing through wide open fields

      Grasses waving, skirt folds flowing

      Breezes catching the tale of the wind.

      Legs and arms in full emotion

      Create colors in the air

      Swinging round and up, behind and over.

      Sweetness reaching from the song 

      Through the body, aching for the dance.

      Gentle movements swaying from center,

      Tales of far-off lands,

      As hands twine around,

      Twisting, pulling, reaching

      Sweeping over earth spilling love behind.

      Each turn, casts rainbow light 

      Shimmering off in circles.

      Feet lightly brushing softest grass beneath,

      Leaping and prancing over flowers,

      Trailing stardust behind.

      Sunshine as spotlight through the trees

      As twilight twinkles through.


I love dancing, it is one of the things in my life that calms and brings me joy simultaneously. Even when I’m tired and not wanting to really dance I often escape into imaginings filled with dancing. Every song I ever hear brings images of dancing in my head. That’s just the way my brain works. 


What do you think of dance?




What are your thoughts?

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