Of Meditation



Of Meditation


Dream upon the wind

Send wishes to the moon

While masculine and feminine merge

Harmony abounding,

Washing over all in gentle

Waves of bliss.

Feathers coat the fingers

Transformed into another,

Shape-shifting, not of fairy tales

But for all seeking

To attain a higher plane of being.

See the world through open eyes

While leaves spin stories

For the breeze.

Secrets held by the one

With magic in her eye,

Who holds the earth

As a child to her breast.

While we discover words, we’ve never used

Learn of places in ourselves we didn’t know existed.

In silent meditation we meet with

Many wonders of patient concentration

Leave it behind, let loose

Those restricting binds

Free your body from its hold

Move with the flow.

Dance will emerge from



Meditation is so helpful to me. It is a great way for me to relax and get out of my head. Not that it always works, there are days when the chatter in my mind is too loud and overpowering for meditation. But when I can get into it, it is wonderful.

How do you enjoy meditation?


What are your thoughts?

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