To a Point



To a Point


You have to get to a point

Where you are just too tired

To keep fighting

And you need to let go,

To drop your arms

And allow the light and love to enter

Without having to push through all your fighting.

When you reach the end of your rope

When you come to the end

And just move past

To the place beyond

Of emptiness.


A vast void

Rolls out in front of me

The whole world engulfed

At my finger tips

I am standing on the edge

One toe creeping over the precipice

I’m alone

Not a soul would hear me fall

Crashing to my death.

I have no other choice,

I can’t go back

That would be a death of another kind.

My only choice is to shift each foot

Forward a bit

Until there is nothing but air beneath


I’d like to say I would leap

With a running start out into my future

But in reality

I would close my eyes

And shuffle until I flopped off.

The falling

Is agonizingly slow

And yet I’m speeding down

The pull of the earth

Guiding me to a hard ending.

I hope and trust

That I’ll fly or be caught.

I have to believe this isn’t the end

That this falling won’t last forever

And that it will only lead me

To places I’d never imagined.


There are many times in life where I get to a point where I just can’t fight anymore – the worrying, the fear becomes too much for me. It’s at that point when I can let go and trust that I will end up somewhere wonderful, usually because I feel I have no other choice. Taking that leap is incredibly scary but past experiences teach me that I will either fly or be caught, because I’ve fallen many times and I have never been completely broken – I’m still alive to tell the story.

What helps you take that leap?


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