Crack, I hear the sound

Look down to see

The break,

It was me.

Straight up the middle

Radiating off in every direction

Spider cracks and giant canyons

In my being,

I’ve been broken open

Cracked into a million pieces.

A soft breeze caresses my cheek,

That’s when I hear

What sounds like raindrops

Of myself falling,

All my pieces on the ground.

I shift and shape

And lose myself.

A single tear for with the cracking

A weight has slipped off

And I feel light.

Slowly I open my eyes

To see

Myself glowing

For I have been reborn

Stripped of the shell I had been

Carrying around.

I’m raw and open and new

I’m light and airy

Filled with potential and


I fell to pieces

To find myself.


Sometimes the best way to discover yourself is to see what’s left after all the rest is shed. Underneath all the layers; of fear, of who we think we are, who we think we should be, exists our true selves. Our journey is find that self, to dig through all the layers, to assist in the removal of those layers. It can be a wondrous journey.

How do you search for your true self?


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