Universe In Me



Universe In Me


The moon sits overhead

Among billions of stars

Reminding me how small

How insignificant I am

In the grand scheme of things.

How tiny my little body is when

I widen my mind

To ponder the great

Vastness of the universe

In which I live.

To sit under a clear night sky

To watch the stars blinking and winking

Also awakens

A yearning deep within,

A memory of a feeling

A connection to that vastness

That exists beyond

The confines of the planet earth.

I am the universe,

It exists within me,

That same star stuff

I see in the night sky

Exists within my very cells.

I am insignificant and yet

I am of the same greatness.

The wondrous open possibilities

That fill me,

The infinite quality of the universe at large,

The stars and nebulas,

The suns and planets

The galaxies and systems

That whirl and twirl and combust

Are part of me and I am separate

From them simultaneously.

I stare like a wide eyed child

In utter awe at the majesty of all

I see and all I know lies beyond. 


I was watching Cosmos with Carl Sagan the other night and was completely inspired to write this poem. It was a great documentary, I would highly recommend it. Watching it filled me with a sense of being so small and yet also part of this infinite universe. It’s quite an interesting feeling.

What helps remind you of the vastness of the universe?


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