Life Doesn’t Wait




Life Doesn’t Wait


We run through hoops

Jump over walls

Continuously moving, fighting

Working towards the next best

Always waiting for tomorrow

To be better,

To get that new thing, more money

Bigger, better, more.

Life waits for no man

Though man frequently waits to live.

A life lived in waiting

Is no life lived,

Rather a life waited.

Eventually the day will come when

Breath no longer comes.

Make each day until then count

Live not with reckless abandon

But with loving surrender.

With joy and pleasure every day.


Remembering that we all will someday leave the bodies we now inhabit can be a good reminder to go out and live the way we want to instead of waiting for the life we want.

What would you do to live your life to the fullest?






I just keep waiting

For what I don’t know

A sign or something

To tell me what to do, where to turn

Even though I know

There is no sign that can tell me

What I don’t already know.

But I long with all my heart

For someone

To reach out

To help me

To save me from myself

But no one’s coming

Because the only one who can save me

Is me.

That’s what makes it all so sad

Because right now

I don’t think I can save anyone.

Especially not myself.


What are you waiting for?

Wish Today



Wish Today


I made a wish today

To find the things I need to say.

To sit beneath the sun

To just enjoy some fun.


I made a wish today

To be able just to play,

To sing and dance

To take a chance.


I made a wish today

To let my mind go far astray,

To sit and be

To just be me.


Every now and then we just need to make a wish.

What do you wish for?

Just Be



Just Be


If I took away

The extraneous words,

Stripped down

To the core

Who we really are

What would I discover?

I believe

It would be simplicity



Truth that speaks louder than words

Without ever saying a thing.

It would be love, light

Strong, powerful

Effervescent, continuous.

If I peeled away the layers


Would just



Sometimes we need to get rid of all the extra words. Get to the essence of ourselves.


What helps you get down to your core?

The Motion



The Motion


At the end of every darkness

Will always be

A light.

To bring you home,

Remind you what you really are,

A brilliant, magical being of the light.

Take you back inside

To the love that beats like no other

With a rhythm all your own

Unique and still connected

To the universe beyond.


At the end of every evening

Will come another night.

From the light to darkness do we go

And back into the light.

What matters is the motion

And every space between.


In life we travel back and forth between light and dark, joy and pain. What matters is the movement between those opposites, how gracefully we can move through the changing tides of life.

What helps you through the movement of life?

Waves of Emotion



Waves of Emotion

Waves of emotion crash

Over me

I’m tossed around

A shell beaten around

Across an angry sea.

Waiting for the clouds to part

For the sun to shine


Calming the sea

To a gentle roll.


Waves of emotion crash

Over me

I’m lulled in the tender

Undulation of a docile ocean.

Rocked as a babe in a swing.

Complacent in my being

Forgetting all else.


Waves of emotion crash

Over me,

It’s as if I have no control

They feel so real

So all encompassing

So much who I am

And yet

I am not these emotions

Crashing over me.

I am more than the emotions.


Waves of emotion crash

Over me,

I’m the one

Feeling the waves

I’m not the water

But I live in the water

So ride the waves I must.


What helps you ride waves of emotion?


Lingering in Sadness



Lingering in Sadness


Just let me linger

Here a while

In my misery

My empty pain,

That is just numbness

Where haze covers


Sunlight stings eyes

That long for darkness.

Came on suddenly

But hit me all over

Even down to my toes

They look worn out and sad too.

Even lingering doesn’t

Help, just prolongs the feelings

I don’t know how to get beyond.

A lonely heart,

That would mean my heart is living

In me, which it’s not, at least I can’t feel it.

So I’m just lonely,

No lonely heart,

Just plain lonely,

Floating around in a sea

Of nothing.


Sometimes it’s important for people to be able to just feel what they are feeling. It is easy to feel happy, but feeling sad is usually not so easy. Sadness is not a desirable emotion so we always want to get out of that feeling as quickly as possible. But sometimes we have to just feel our emotions however undesirable they are.


What emotions do you not like to feel?