Bravery is finding where you end.

Discovering that while

Being infinitely connected to others,

Especially the ones you love,

You are also

An individual, singular person

With lines that separate you from others.

The greatest journey is discovering

Where you draw your lines,

How much you are willing to give

To others, to yourself.

The hardest lines to draw are those

You never think of,

The ones with people you

Don’t remember needing lines from

The people you have known forever.

You’ll spend a lifetime

Testing, changing, working with

The boundaries you have.

Learning about who you are

As you change and then change some more.

It will tear you up,

Pull you down,

And make you wish you were miles away.

But when you get it,

And inch closer to standing up for you

And knowing who that is,

You’ll glow, and fly higher than the sky

And all the pain,

Will be worth it in the end.


It is so easy to forget ourselves, especially in relationships – with friends, family, significant others. It is easy to get wrapped up in another person and lose our boundaries. In relationships our boundaries change, but we can’t forget that no matter how close we are, how much we love someone that we are still our own whole person. It can be challenging to find ourselves and define ourselves. But that’s what we are here for!

How do you find your boundaries?


What are your thoughts?

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