Secrets in the Setting Sun



Secrets in the Setting Sun


Secrets in the setting sun

Red as blood

Run deep as canyons

Through silent stares.

Trapped inside, no way

Out into the world.

Kept locked away,

While a well groomed façade

Does nothing to betray

The storms raging within.

Whirling, twirls of pandemonium

Quelled momentarily by only absolute stillness

Fester hidden underneath.

Behind the glossy eyes

Emotions run high,

To none but the well trained eye.


Secrets in the setting sun

Red as blood

Know not where to go,

Nor how to be

Simultaneously flustered and calm

And exist within me.

Searching for exits,

Escape paths to follow

Finding dark alleys and closed doors.

Turning around to

Curl in defeat

Rest in loss,

Until things change.


Secrets in the setting sun

Red as blood

Turn lighter as the sun disappears

Below the horizon.

Floating up and up

Gently seeping through tiny holes

Slowly working doors to open,

Till they open wide, spilling all.

Secrets turn to spoken words

Laid upon the steps of loving kindness

Released and let go.

Emptiness is never left alone.


A beautiful sunset is all it takes to wake me up. To inspire thoughts and words of loss and birth at once. How interesting that so often nature can bring to mind both sides of the coin, sadness and joy.

What awakens secrets in you?


What are your thoughts?

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