Eyes to See the Truth



Eyes to See the Truth


Open your eyes

To see the truth

The wonders right in front of you,

The baseness of nature.

The cracks in

The sidewalk

Open into deep

Crevasses that shake the structure

Of the earth on which we walk.

Solid ground gives way

Without a thought

To those above

Presuming their own safety.

The sunlight dancing gracefully

Across the waters

Flowing towards complete

Union with all the waters

Of the earth in

The oceans of the world.

Where mysteries and magic

Lie under every wave,

Where joy leaps and bounds

In choppy swells.

We’re just a flash

On a planet built to outlast

Its oldest creatures

In a universe that never

Ends and maybe never began.

Open your eyes

To see the truth,

That truth is just a word

To keep us safe,

In a world we can’t control.


Not really sure where this came from. I had a little time yesterday afternoon and was sitting in the sun enjoying the warm weather, when these words started rolling around. So I got out a notebook and started writing. Truth is something people are always looking for, but sometimes I think what we have to realize is any truth we discover is going to be touched by our mind, by our interpretation. That we create truths because we want to make sense and control the world where we have little control and not everything makes sense. Real truth is sitting in the sun and feeling its warmth without thought, without judgement. Truth is just to be.


What do you believe about truth?


What are your thoughts?

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