Burned Healing



Burned Healing


A trip down to where

The sun is strong

Lifted me out of the stupor,

Jolted me back to life.

The sun warmed me up and thawed

The heavy feeling

Pulling me down.

The freedom woke me up

And set me high once more.

Sunning all day long,

Desperately clinging to its warmth

Hoping to stay forever in

The hands of the sun,

To avoid the heavy, weighted feeling

That comes from staying one place

Too long.

My skin turned red,

The sun that healed also burned.

But it felt so good,

Let it burn away that layer,

The outer shell that locked me in.

Weeks go by and slowly layers peel away

Sloughing off the old skin,

The things that kept me in.

That heavy feeling comes right off.

Burned and scrubbed

But I don’t feel raw.

I’m open and new,

Fresh and ready for the world.

To move, to fly, to reach.


So, I’m not feeling too well today, have a bit of a cold. But sitting out in the warm sun, helps even a nasty cold feel  a bit better. So I decided on this poem because it talks about how sometimes we need to burn in order to heal. Like a phoenix born out of the ashes. Obviously I don’t mean it’s a good idea to sit in the sun until you get a sunburn on purpose, that’s not a healthy thing to do. I mean it more as a metaphor.

What do you think about the healing power of heat?


What are your thoughts?

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