Lines on Faces



Lines on Faces


Trace the lines

On every face

To learn the stories

Etched there to tell

Of loves and pains

Tears and smiles.

Look deep into each pair of eyes

While they stare off in

Far directions

The mysteries held deep within

Will whisper

From the depths

In blinks and winks

And passing glances.

The outline carved against

The sky behind

While thoughts race silently

Behind the façade

A beautiful line

Specific to each.


It’s amazing what you can discover just by looking at a persons face. I mean really seeing, without judgement or words the lines, and curves of a face. There is so much to tell on a face, so many expressions, so much emotion if we take a moment to be quiet and absorb all that there is.

How often have you taken a moment to really take in the stories of a face?


What are your thoughts?

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