Take A Look At Hands



Take A Look At Hands


Have you ever taken a moment

To look down at your hands?

To watch the way fingers curl around

A cup.

The way they pick things up,

Fingers reaching around, thumbs

Moving to the other side.

Typing, moving with grace across

Keys on the board.

Watch each finger as it waves

At friends across the street.

As you pull them through your hair

Or wash the dishes.

Every hand moves differently,

Some with grace, some

Slowly, some move like robots.

Some are hard and calloused,

Some are soft and gentle.

Hands speak volumes

Watch their movements

Discern all they have to say.

Mine are like water,

Smoothly washing over things

They are gentle and graceful,

Long and thin,

Always stretching,

Always dancing around,

Sweet and kind, and full of power and wisdom.

Brushing around

Like a sweet smell on the wind.


Hands really are quite miraculous things if you take a moment to think about it and notice them. Hands really do have a language all their own.

What have you learned from hands?


2 thoughts on “Take A Look At Hands

  1. Funny. I’ve always loved people’s hands. It tells alot about them for some reason, sometimes completely without them knowing. And I’m often quite conscious of what my hands are doing, how they are moving through the world. Yup. You nailed it. Hands are important. And not just for picking up that morning cup o’ joe (although that is equally important in its own way!). Thanks for another great post, throughmyhearts. Love your observations, love your writing.


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