Fly on the wall,

Way the wind blows,

Gradual change in color as the sun sets,

Change in eyes as someone thinks.

Things people don’t notice,

Never see, and

Don’t pay any real attention to.

Sometimes it’s the way I feel,

Looked over,

Forgotten, never even seen.

I want to be a sight,

Something people want to see,

To amaze people and bring smiles.

Maybe one day,

But that day is not today.

Instead, I’ll fade

Away into this night,

Forgotten and dismayed.


It’s a good idea I think, to take some time to think about the things that we normally miss. To stop and smell the roses as it were. How many things happen throughout the day that we miss, and don’t pay attention to, even in ourselves. I mean we breathe all day long but how often do we really notice it. Maybe it’s time to take a moment and really observe the world.

What are some things you notice when you stop?


What are your thoughts?

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