Just Alone



Just Alone

The week is done

Responsibilities are set aside

For the time being.

I can just be


With a song,

A dream

And then

Absolutely nothing at all.

I can sit and

Witness the changing of the sky

While thoughts

Flit and float on by

While I let go of everything

And dance with the clouds

While the breezes blow

And kiss bare skin

On this warm evening.

I’ve left everyone behind

To be alone

Without really being lonely.

To find joy and comfort in

My own company

Is a wondrous experience.

I’m just alone

Nothing special here

Yet magic bounds.  


I really do enjoy spending time alone with myself. Until I get lonely and long for human interaction. I’m always treading that line, and looking for the balance of between alone and lonely. Luckily I have a wonderful network of family and friends for those lonely times.

What do you enjoy doing alone?


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