A Dream in A Room



A Dream in A Room


A door opens

Unexpected person speaks

From behind a wall.

Hug the woman who

Greets with warmth and kindness.

Walk around the corner,

Wanting not to be in the way,

Trying not to see the unexpected. 

Another hug tighter, longer

To heal the broken pieces,

Momentarily holds them together.

Out to the sunlight, dull as it is,

Snow and green grass mix.

Night and day,

Summer and winter,

Mixed up and confused

Together at once.

It must be explained to ones

Who needn’t know.

Walk along alone.

Dreams take us places we never imagined.


I’ve been having a lot of really crazy, intense dreams lately. I love dreaming, it’s one of the coolest things that we do. So often my dreams are disjointed and don’t seem to make any sense, and yet they have a cohesion all their own. They are just fascinating to me. This poem was inspired by one of my dreams.

What do you dream about?


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