Work With Fear



Work With Fear


Maybe it will always be there

This feeling, this fear

Of life,

Of moving forward, of success and failure.

Everything about life and growing up

Is slightly terrifying.

Even when everything is going well,

When I’m feeling at peace,

Whole, connected and like I’m finally on a path that works,

There is that little nagging in the back of my head

That fear that creeps and whispers

Attempting to derail me.

Maybe it’s not about getting rid of that fear

Maybe that fear is part of me

And instead of kicking it out

I could just accept it and finds ways

To work with it and thrive with it.


Accepting the fear within myself is not easy. I don’t like the fear I have, I wish I wasn’t afraid. But sometimes I am, and I do myself a disservice when I fight it or pretend that I’m not. Somewhere along the way I came to believe that fear was bad, but that’s just a belief and beliefs can always be changed. My fear is like a weed, misunderstood. I’ve always wondered who decided dandelions were weeds? They pretty and yellow and maybe they aren’t weeds at all, maybe you just need to change your perspective.


What are some beliefs you want to change?


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