Wish To Am


Wish to Am


Take I wish

Turn to I will.

I will love with all my heart

I will smile every day

I will walk barefoot in the grass

I will take all of my chances

I will make changes

Take I will

Turn to I am.

I am filled with love

I am happy

I am successful

I am making a difference

I am connected with my passion

Change a few words

And suddenly the world feels


Wishing can make you feel sad

Always wishing things were different

Change it to I am,

And it all feels different

It becomes a reality.

Change your thoughts,

Maybe you’ll be faking it

For a while

But eventually you’ll make it.

Wishing only ever keeps you in the clouds

Eventually you must come down

And walk among the trees

With feet planted on the ground.


When I realize that I’ve been spending too much time wishing things were different I also inevitably realize that I have been spending too much time in my head. Wishing things would change is almost a sure way to ensure they don’t because so frequently wishing implies I have no control over changes, and also it always places the changes in the future. I find when I can take a step back and alter my thoughts things move much smoothly and I feel much better. Instead of focusing on wishing things were different I can use a statement like things are changing everyday. Immediately the energy shifts and I find myself actually doing things to make that statement true.

When have you found yourself stuck in your head too much?


What are your thoughts?

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