Perfect To Remember



Perfect to Remember


I laid with eyes closed

This morning.

The sound of birds

The smell of rain

Soaking in through my still

Not quite fully awake self.

Peeking through one

Half opened eye

To see a single stream

Of sun between the clouds.

It’s a day with the

Air just so, and the sky just right

To transport me

To a world of memories.


A disjointed movie in my mind

Of images and feelings

Of the past.

Of light and dark, dances, hugs,

Trees, cars, rides,


The perfect setting

To snuggle down and reminisce

For a just a while,

To remember the joys, the pain

How they all have passed.

The transience of life,

Incredibly obvious

As it flashes by.


Lately I have been having many instances where I am suddenly watching movies of my past in my mind. More so than usual I am reminded of all the things that have happened in my life. It’s almost as if my brain is going through my life events, big and small. I don’t know why, I’m just enjoying the reminiscing. It’s always interesting to me the variety of memories that surface. Some are so big and important and other are so seemingly insignificant and random and yet they are etched in my mind.


What memories come to you?


2 thoughts on “Perfect To Remember

  1. I read a book a long time ago in which the therapist/author suggested that your earliest memories and most persistent are there because of a problem you have that needs to be settled. I had one memory that I had every single day multiple times. It was not a pleasant memory and always made me feel horrible and worthless. As I grew and worked through that particular problem, I noticed I would go longer and longer without the memory surfacing. Now, this post brought it back for the first time in years. Wonderful to be free of that. It also didn’t bother me this time.


    • That makes a lot of sense if a memory keeps coming up that it’s for a reason, to help you work through some issue. That’s amazing that you were able to work through it and kudos to you that it came up and didn’t bother you! Thank you so much for sharing this!


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