Wait For You



Wait For You


I’ll wait for you forever

My darling,

While you flounder and wander

Through all your struggles

And as you stray away.

I’ll be here inside your heart

Loving you anyway.

I’ll wrap you in my loving


Even if you’re far away.

I’ll watch with loving eyes

While you are fraught with pain

I’ll be here even when you can’t feel me.

I’ll wait patiently forever

With all my love for you

To come home to me

Your deepest self.


When you realize that all the mistakes you make, the “bad” decisions, the unhappiness – that all of that isn’t really who you are things change. Then you realize that your best self, your truest self is always there waiting inside of you to come out, to love you. And it all doesn’t seem quite so bad anymore.


What is your best self trying to say to you?


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