To The Roots



To the Roots


To lose everything,

To strip away all the things

I thought were part of me.

To let go of all the stuff

That wrapped around me

Covering me up

Is to find what lies underneath,

Find who I really am.

To lose all physical possessions

Is to leave space to

Discover all that is beneath,

The spirit, soul, essence.

It’s terrifying and exhilarating.

It’s getting down to the roots

Of my being,

By letting go of and removing all the dead leaves

I let collect on top.


What would you find if you dug down to your roots?


3 thoughts on “To The Roots

  1. I, actually, had to do that after my stroke. All the filters dropped and I had to rebuild. I found a good guy under there; one who is much better prepared to take on this stressful old world; at least, my attitude is better. I am not able to work or such, but my thinking is better as far as thoughts, issues, and just things in general.


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