The Girl in the Cemetery



The Girl in the Cemetery


I was surprised to see

A girl today

Sitting in the cemetery.

It was raining

But she didn’t seem to notice.

After a moment

She lay down on the ground

Directly a top

The graves.

She lay there and closed her eyes

As if she could will herself

Deep underground.

It was hard to tell if

There were tears

Or if it was just rain

Saturating her face.

There was a sadness

That had no beginning

And had no end

That engulfed and pulled her down.

Her whole body

Seemed to wilt into the grass

Growing over the bodies

In eternal rest below.

I couldn’t tear myself away

From this girl

Seeking solace in a place of death

Seeking comfort from the

Ground, home of the dead.

As suddenly as I had noticed her

She was up

And drifting away

More as fog slowly creeps than

As a human girl.

She faded into the mist

And disappeared.

I’ll never know any more than

That about the girl

Who wandered the cemetery.


What have you seen at a cemetery?


What are your thoughts?

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