Lingering in Sadness



Lingering in Sadness


Just let me linger

Here a while

In my misery

My empty pain,

That is just numbness

Where haze covers


Sunlight stings eyes

That long for darkness.

Came on suddenly

But hit me all over

Even down to my toes

They look worn out and sad too.

Even lingering doesn’t

Help, just prolongs the feelings

I don’t know how to get beyond.

A lonely heart,

That would mean my heart is living

In me, which it’s not, at least I can’t feel it.

So I’m just lonely,

No lonely heart,

Just plain lonely,

Floating around in a sea

Of nothing.


Sometimes it’s important for people to be able to just feel what they are feeling. It is easy to feel happy, but feeling sad is usually not so easy. Sadness is not a desirable emotion so we always want to get out of that feeling as quickly as possible. But sometimes we have to just feel our emotions however undesirable they are.


What emotions do you not like to feel?


What are your thoughts?

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