I just keep waiting

For what I don’t know

A sign or something

To tell me what to do, where to turn

Even though I know

There is no sign that can tell me

What I don’t already know.

But I long with all my heart

For someone

To reach out

To help me

To save me from myself

But no one’s coming

Because the only one who can save me

Is me.

That’s what makes it all so sad

Because right now

I don’t think I can save anyone.

Especially not myself.


What are you waiting for?


One thought on “Waiting

  1. Again the perfect picture to go with the thought.
    What I see is :
    all the trash and waste and ugliness of the world and then when it is least expected something beautiful and good appears.
    And to answer the question. Sometimes things are just worth waiting for.


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