To watch my shadow as I walk along

Helps me know I am going somewhere.

A silent companion,

A dark part of myself

To keep me company as I find my way.

An empty swing

Moves even after I’ve jumped

Back to earth.


What do you like about walking?


I’m going to be away for a while on vacation. I’ll try to keep posting but there may be lags of time between posts. Stay tuned until I come back with a whole lot of new inspiration for poems!


So Clear



So Clear

Everything is so clear.

I can see it all unfolding

Before me.

A beautiful perfect flower,

Opening and reveling its truth.

It already is so there is no need

To worry anymore.

Safety is all that exists,

Permeating every action of my being.

Peace coats my soul

Like frosting on a cake

Like clouds on a mountain.

I am here to stay and be

How is not important to know.

Let go and float purposefully through

As life will pull you in all directions,

Some days will seem to never end

Some days will rush on by

Some days you will forget yourself

Some days you will remember and know yourself


Everyday you will be.


Sometimes even in the midst of craziness clarity exists. For no quantifiable, describable reason there is clarity. In those moments I am tempted to think about them and wonder where the clarity came from, why I have it now as opposed to other times. But it can be refreshing to just let the clarity be.

What helps you just be with clarity?

Forest Place



Forest Place


In the forest

Dark and deep

Is where I long

To lay me down and sleep.

The only sound

Is leaves falling to the ground.

Softly in the distance

Water murmurs and gurgles

Of what no one knows.


A place for rest

Tranquil and subdued,

It’s what I like the best.

Where fairies dance

And magic lasts

All the days and nights.

A special place,

With all the space

For me to be me.


Where do you feel you can just be yourself?

Earth Connection



Earth Connection


Frustrations melt away

Into the earth

As my bare feet sink into the

Dampened soil,

My toes curling into the ground

Knees crushing blades of grass

While my arms and hands dig

And dig,

Moving the earth

To add some color, some beauty.

The sun on my back

Eases any discomfort of late

All anger and sadness

Have no room in this wide open

Space of the outdoors.

They are transformed

By mother nature

As I work with her to create


I am completely in the moment

Time no longer exists

I am connected and zoned

To the energy seeping into me

From all sides

Air, earth, sun

Filling me and squeezing out

All else.

Leaving me whole.


There is something incredibly satisfying about spending time outside especially spending time getting dirty outside, digging. I love being outside as much as possible, but there is something special about gardening. Digging, and planting then tending and watching things grow knowing that I had a hand in that growth is so special. This poem attempts to convey that feeling a bit.

What does nature do for you?

Flames For Hope



Flames For Hope


In the darkness

The flames began.

Twisting, turning

Dancing in the breeze.

Underneath a summer moon

And by the firelight

A world was awakened

And brought to life.

The red-yellow-orange embers

Burning in time with the rhythm

Of the earth.

Drumming beats of

Open hearts

Filled with the flames

Of passionate desire

For hope.


What do you find in the flames?






The west wind blows and

With it comes the


Voices of the ones behind

Offering assistance

To those willing to listen.

Noises in the night

Echoing across the fields

Landing on deaf ears,

Searching for open hearts.

Murmurs of a time

A place

Of magic and mystery

Of sacred words

And quests,

Where wishes and dreams

Come true.

Reminding us

To remember

Where we came from

To what we really do belong.


What whispers do you hear?